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Password Keeper
  • A password management program that helps you maintain all of your login information for websites, programs, documents, and anything else you might have that requires this sensitive information.
  • Fully secure and encrypted stored data. All data is encrypted to the highest level and is not subject to decrypting.
  • Provides easy to use navigation and search features to locate login information efficiently.
  • Allows you to associate a username, password, email address, website URL, and comments fields for each account.
  • Uses Master Password to protect all accounts which can be changed.
  • Can create unlimited number of categories and accounts.
  • Comes with 3 reports providing different grouping and sorting options that can be exported or sent via email directly from the report preview.
  • Provided database backup and restore capability.
  • Database can be stored locally or on a network.
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Interested in using Password Keeper? Contact us for more information or download a trial version now!
Be sure to download and read the installation manual  before installing.
  • $9.95 - Single license plus updates for 1 year.

  • Corporate license (more than 10 licenses) - Contact KPS for purchasing information.
Version History:
  • Click here to see version history.

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